Christensen & Co. Arkitekter - Asseribo Home

Christensen &Co. Arkitekter
Holiday Home in Asserbo

This is a real Danish Bach. Located between the coast and Lake Arresø in Northern Sealand (note not New Zealand).

Perfect layout for roughing it at the beach, lake or river. The sleeping and bathrooms are built into the back wall meaning that all the areas that really need to be cosy and not as lit, are at the back. The kitchen takes the eastern (sunrise) wall of the main living area where everyone plays cards, drinks and chats till the early hours where all head off to their bunk rooms.
The Tortilla shell shape means that the rear wall (thermal mass) can temperate the back rooms, while the main living area with 3 sides of opening glass can become a large shaded deck in warm weather, or be heated by the fire in colder temps. By the look of all that glass I'm predicting it's like a 3/4 sleeping bag, you can use it only 3 out of the 4 seasons.