Sebastian Mariscal - House in Valle de Guadalupe

Sebastian Mariscal
House in Valle de Guadalupe

Came across this number on one of my daily digs at
I love how this place is all departmentalised. Living dining separated from the sleeping area by the pool and breeze space/dog-trot. The focal piece, that long solid stone clad wall would be a great temperature regulator and anchors the house well. The multi color cubes are also nice, the hues combine well.
Repeating myself, I really like this layout! I wonder if I could twist it a little........

Some thoughts:
These are some ideas I have, probably could be dismissed because they're not what this house is about which is minimalism and clean long lines.
I think instead of pebbles/dirt, it could do with a little grass or foliage. Perhaps even more succulents closer to the house, to take the hard edge off the concrete and iron finishes. Also, that polished concrete floor in the living room, practical and regulates heat well, but could do with a bit of colour to liven up the place. I've seen plenty of houses with earthy tinted concrete. And I realise they're all around, but how about bringing the grapevines in and along the roof to break up the white stripes.

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House in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico. Built: 2004.

First house built on a plot of land shared by six friends, surrounded by grape vines, 70 miles south of San Diego…. The house’s standout features: a 177 foot long, 10 foot tall rock wall made from locally quarried stone, a 24 foot long pocket door which completely opens the living area to the outdoors, a corrugated Zincalume wing/roof that extends outward from the wall, and a 3 story polycarbonate-walled tower (guest room, studio, roof deck).

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