Undurraga Devés - Lakeside House

Undurraga Devés
Lakeside House

Located on the Colico Lake in the IX Región of Chile, in fantastic surroundings, this weekend retreat grounds itself through a solid stone wall at the rear. Glass boxes protrude forward from the stone enclosure into the trees and scenery. I think the most appealing part of this house, for me, is the fact that all the service areas are tied up in the solid stone area leading to efficiencies in piping and plumbing. So apart from electricity, only glass and structural steel are required outside the stone box. Although some bedrooms can be seen from the living areas, you still have to pass through the security of the back area to get to the other rooms, so family members can head off upstairs to sleep, whilst others entertain or just admire the views. The master bedroom, located on the top floor, is separate from the rest of the house and unlike the other rooms sits above the treetops for a commanding view.

The solid heavy rear stone area, allows the glass boxes to cantilever out with minimal support at the far ends, meaning that the trees, scrubs, water and fauna can pass around the building's relatively small footprint (this is a 6 bedroom house by the way).

Thinking of the large dinner table and Chilean extended family eating marathons makes me slightly nostalgic, of fine wine and thick steaks, lakeside, on a warm Chilean summer's evening. Having lived a year in Concepción, VIII Región, Chile, north of the lake region and closer to regulating sea breezes, I can't help but think of heating/cooling all that glassed area. But hey, it sure is a way to admire the views, and what a house to do it from!

Via: http://www.undurragadeves.cl