Pete Bossley - Heatly house, Bay of Islands

One of my favourite Kiwi baches here. Pete has come up with an island retreat he describes as a base camp for exploring, half way between the wilderness/open waters, and the hustle and bustle of the townhouse.

Located here, extending north, the house takes in easterly views of the smaller islands in the bay and westerly sunsets, on sheltered rear decks.

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As you head down the 8 levels of the house (as each wall between the rooms divides the long structure, there's a couple of stairs) the decks widen as do the overhangs covering them to protect the midday diners. The clear open views out either side of the house are great and the wooden rafters and trussing add detail to the simple lines of the house. Being on an island, the house was prefabricated and shipped in, prompting the use of timber, a staple on mainland New Zealand anyway and befitting of the surrounding cabbage trees and native bush.

So lets walk up the levels of the house:
We start with an open plan living, dining and kitchen, in that order, to save smells wafting, with the BBQ just across the west decks for evening entertaining.
Next, laundry and guest bath, and this is key, a walk up outdoor shower and the main entrance area. Great for de-sanding and washing off your wetsuit (it's still cold swimming, even in the north of NZ) before you enter the house.

Finally, a kinds bunk room with beds in a loft, second bedroom and at the end, master with ensuite, furtherest away and tucked into the bush for privacy. Hidden back from the beach, across the lawn is a sleep-out for guests, and a boat shed (how else do you get there?).

via: Pete Bossley & UME Magazine