Cazu Zegers - Casa Do

Cazu Zegers

Casa Do

"A house hugged between two curved walls, protecting the inhabitants. Engrossed with the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean and the deep vastness of Chile's the Northern coastline." Cazu Zegers has summed up his Chilean Bach well!

Photos by: Carlos Eguiguren

The brief for the project was to design a house that would be a resting place during weekends, holidays, etc. in a condominium with a wide variety of house designs. The architecture of the house is base on creating a shell, a protective womb before the vastness of the sea, allowing inhabitants to contemplate in the warmth of its interior. To this affect, two circles clasp the rectangular floors of the house, cupping them on the Northern and Southern edges.

Gaps in the East and West of the circle let in the views and sun. Light wells are created in the eyelid shaped gaps between the curved walls and the square floors, illuminating the darker areas of the house. On the same axis, the house is split into private and public, with the bedrooms in the northern section and the open planned living in the South. The carpenter has used fitted furniture to divide the open plan floors into public and private spaces.

Extending form this axis to the east is the entrance gangway. This guiding path to the house forms the stem of the poppy bud architectural shape. Upon entering the house on the upper level, you glimpse the ocean and head left along a straight corridor, to the Southern wall. As you curve down the stairs to the kitchen dining area you are confronted with the views out the double height windows to the pacific ocean and have experienced both elements of the house's design.

The staircase to the roof terrace, made of laminated wood is equally charming and a sculptural in itself, allowing access to a very large terrace which is part sheltered by the extended outer walls.

The unique design of this house and the bold architectural style, has provided a wonderful beach side retreat for this Chilean couple. What a place to take in the setting sun.


Architect: Cazu Zegers
Collaborators: Grupo Aira (Juan Pablo Almarza, Pamela Liddle)
Protect Completed: 2001
Location: Chigualoco, Los Vilos IV Región- Chile
Material: Reinforced concrete
Windows: Anodised aluminium
Cabinetry: Native Cohigüe and Raulí
Constructed area: 275 m2
Plot size: 5000 m2
Photography: Carlos Eguiguren – Cristina Alemparte
Google: Satellite View

via: Cazu Zegers - Grupo Aira