Happy New Year - 2008 What's To Come!

New Year

Apologies for the belated message to all as I have been out researching and celebrating the season in Obninsk, Russia over the last weeks.

Beginning the new year I'd like to offer thanks and give a taste of what's to come:

First up a thank you to all who have supported and visited the site over the last months.

Second a HUGE Thank You to the architects and colleagues who have provided imagery, stories and most of all fantastic houses to write about!

Over the next few months and once I've moved into my new place, I hope to bring you more global architecture and leading residential design.
  • House designs and plans are on the way from Moscow, both traditional and minimalist modern. Thankfully I have found a lot more than the faux French chateaus that the nouveau rich seem to hunger for in Moscow.
  • Some more great bach designs from Australia and New Zealand will appear, as will Kogan and Casas works from Brazil once completed
  • A few more European posts for colder climes to contrast
  • I will finally get more of my own (amateur) designs up as well.

Thank you all for the support and watch out for cool stuff over the coming months.