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Changing Residential Design for Landscape Design - Stepping away from houses, I thought I'd cover the big news this week in London, the Chelsea Garden show.
The show, as well as showcasing the latest in gardening, showcases some fantastic Landscape gardening. A stand out in my mind, was the Diarmuid Gavin Designs | Oceânico Garden

Not really one for knowing about flowers, or gardening, I was at first interested in the reference to the 1940's chairs, which to me, actually look more like Harry Bertoia style chairs from 1952.

What got me next was the fantastic crate like design of the garden shed.

Three of the four walls fold down on hot days, or fold up in increments for wind or winter use, with the top 300 mm folding out to form some shade protection, or ventilation, when the other walls are closed.

I think it's a great solution for outdoor entertaining!
It's kind of a miniature Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects | Coromandel House


The Royal Horticultural Society describe it thus:
The Café Garden is a place for people to stop, sit, relax and to immerse themselves in the atmosphere; it is a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
The garden opens to a clearing to reveal an open wooden pavilion with slatted wood sections for shading visitors. Inspired by a set of 1940s-style French mesh work chairs, outsized, stainless steel daisies are the centre of drama in the garden.
The daisies burst out of the ground and tower above the garden, set at varying heights among rich planting and a deep green jungle of foliage.
Tables and chairs with leafy parasols are interspaced within the planted areas.
Beyond the café, there is a forest of lollipop Catalpa trees and daisies, a dreamy backdrop to complete the scene. Pathways link the seating areas.

And, The Telegraph have some fantastic panoramas:
Of the Oceânico Garden, And others.
More on the Chelsea Garden Show from the Royal Horticultural Society