Top 10 ish - Modern Residential Design - 1 year old

As Modern residential Design celebrates its belated birthday, I thought I bring you couple of Top 5s whilst preparing for the arrival of my second son.

Top 5 Posts on Modern Residential Design

And here's the traffic / commented / linked list of what you guys thought was coolist!

Arthur Casas - House in Iporanga

A true Tropical Jungle residential retreat. Minimalist, contrasting, yet befitting it's location.

Marcio Kogan - Laranjeiras House

My ideal beachside mansion, open plan, indoors and outdoors blurred, simple palette and spashes of colour.

Marcio Kogan - Mirindiba House

Amazing spans that defy gravity, cavity hidden doors, texture, colour and ahhh.

Melling:Morse Architects Ltd - Split Box

Hometown favourites from my university days, Melling:Morse are the masters of timber in New Zealand.

Arkhefield - Balaam House

Flow, privacy, segmentation of rest and action areas, scaled to fit with its neighbours and what links to exterior spaces.

Jonathan Segal - The Prospect

From the Paladin of affordable Modern Residential Design, I love seeing Jonathan mentoring others to create stylish buildings you can actually live in.

Top 5 Online Architecture Compatriots

Some of the guys that give me drive & motivation to keep hunting out cool modern design.
Many thanks for the links / diggs / stumbles / emails and support guys!!


Plataforma Arquitectura

Arch Daily


Noticias Arquitectura

OK, 6, it was hard to make it so short.

Hope you enjoy - new residences coming soon!

Thanks to all my loyal followers too! New content coming soon I promise!