Lund Hagem - Cabin Karevold

Lund Hagem - again with another cabin I love, this time in Stavern and with a far more challenging plot. Backed into the rock face, the Z shaped plan again provides sheltered outdoor space, and privacy for guests and owners.

Location: Stavern, Norway
Size: 80 m2
Completed: 2008
Three natural stone platforms define the site at heights of 21, 24.5 and 27 meters above sea level. The cabin sits on the crevice which separates the different levels, and in this way the utilization of these natural terraces is maximized.
An outdoor living space defined by the two bedroom bodies and the wall of the highest platform, welcomes you to the site. The cabin continues zigzagging up to the intermediate level, where the living room enjoys panoramic views of the surrounding forest to the east and the sea to the south and the west.

Taking the notion of summer encampment further, Cabin Karevold is a series of rooms connected by a large timber deck. Braving the elements is mandatory, with on halls or circulatory indoor areas, the bedrooms, and in some cases beds, open right onto the deck. With three separate zones, the dining and daily living areas are set high on the surrounding rocks. Descending to the guest bedrooms and bathing area, a broad deck expands for play and creates an outdoor platform, bridging one of many crevices on the plot.

Continue on and the Master bedroom, is connected to what I must presume is the evening wine snuggle. Perfect spot to relax after a day at the beach.