I'm on the cover of The Dolls' House Magazine!!

I love surprises! I knew I was going to be in the September 2015 issue of The Dolls' House Magazine, but I didn't realize I'd be on the cover (insert happy dance)! My copy from the UK got a little bent out of shape but here are pics of the magazine. I'm featured on the cover, table of contents and in a 5 page article. This issue also features great work by Cynthia from ggsdolls, Anna-Maria from The Shopping Sherpa, and Cindy from Snowfern Clover. The September issue has some great tutorials for food, herbs and a mid-century modern dresser by Natalie Clegg that I want to try to make.

Thank you Katie and The Dolls' House Magazine, I'm flattered to be featured with so many other incredible miniaturists in your magazine. I had a great time styling my Antrim dollhouse for this interview and feature. I'll post more details soon.

You can order a copy of the magazine here. The Dolls' House Magazine is also on Facebook.